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Acrylic Bathtub Repair

Acrylic Tub

Repair of an acrylic bathtub involves the application of a layer of liquid acrylic on its surface to restore its appearance. When solidified, this material gives the product the same strength, durability, and aesthetics that characterizes a new tub.

Tub Repair

The modern plumbing market is filled mainly with acrylic bathtubs. The different configurations, sizes, stylistic solutions, as well as attractive appearance and excellent characteristics of these products allowed them to become the market leaders, replacing the usual cast iron bathtubs with enamel coating.

Acrylic tubs are durable and can preserve not only the integrity of the surface but also the beauty of the appearance for many years. However, even though the acrylic surface is much stronger and more durable than the enameled surface, it has its own service life.

As a rule, such bathtubs retain a uniform white color, gloss, and smoothness for about 15 years. Improper care, aggressive cleaning, and violations of operating rules can shorten this period, but it is very difficult to permanently damage the acrylic surface.

Removing Chips on the Acrylic Bath Before and After

If deep scratches appear on the acrylic bathtub over time or from careless use, its gloss has disappeared, and its uniformity and smoothness have been violated, this can still be corrected. An experienced craftsman can also repair more serious damages to the acrylic tub.

With the help of special materials, cracks and even holes can be repaired, provided that all actions will be performed by a person with the necessary experience and qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to reglaze an acrylic bathtub?

Acrylic bathtubThe cost to reglaze an acrylic bathtub typically ranges from $400 to $600. This price can vary based on the tub's size, condition, location, and job complexity. For a precise estimate, consult local professionals. Additional services, like repairs or custom finishes, may increase the cost.

What material is used?

ArmoglazeThe liquid acrylic material we use is ArmoGlaze, which is safe for you, your children, and the environment, with near zero VOC status. It solidifies and is ready to use in 24 hours. The material and process are odorless and non-toxic during application and after.

This technology has been used since 2011 with outstanding result.

How payment is made?

PaymentThe full calculation of the cost of services for the tub reglazing is negotiated before work is started. Upon completion, you accept the work, sign the acceptance certificate, the contract, and then make the payment. We accept:

What is the warranty for services?

We provide an official 3 years warranty for this type of tubs. The service life of the material is 5-10 years, if used correctly.

The Advantages of Acrylic Bathtub Restoration

Acrylic is characterized by its high strength and resistance to damage, due to its plasticity. In cases where the brittle material cracks, the acrylic remains intact. For this reason, most cases of acrylic bathtub restoration involve restoring their uniform white color, perfect smoothness, and shine. This can be done using the same material that the tub is made of.

The restoration process is simple and fast. To cover the surface with pouring acrylic, the tub does not need to be dismantled. This means that the tiles or other finishing elements will not be damaged during the work.

If there are no deep damages and complex defects on the surface of the product, then the entire process will not take the specialist more than 4 hours.

Simple preparation for reglazing involves sanding the bathtub with fine sandpaper to a matte state, as well as cleaning and degreasing its surface.

The use of acrylic is possible on any material. It always provides a high-quality coupling and holds securely without detachments. Both cast-iron and acrylic bathtubs can be covered by pour-on application method.

Being elastic and fluid, the material is distributed over the surface, filling all possible irregularities and forming a perfectly smooth and even layer.

Acrylic Tub After Using

Tub Reglazing Cost

Bathtub Liner Pour-On Application
Lifetime check up to 5 years check more than 15 years
Same Day Service? check 2-3 days check Yes
Working Process check from 2 days check 3-4 hours
Removing Tiles check Required check No
COST (from) $699 $259
Main difference

Can Acrylic Bathtub Be Resurfaced?

Acrylic bathtubs are strong and reliable, serious damage to them is a rare phenomenon. While adhering to simple operating rules, the integrity, gloss, and uniformity of the surface are preserved for a long time. However, if accidents still happen, then the same liquid acrylic will help restore the integrity of the product.

With its help, you can eliminate deep cracks, potholes, and holes that have been pushed through. Depending on the depth and area of damage, the specialist applies additional materials for repair, but the main tool that returns the integrity, strength, and durability of the bathtub remains pour-on application method.

If the crack or other damage on the surface of the acrylic bath is deep, but not through, then before applying the acrylic specialist will need a special mastic for the repair, which fills the cracks, strengthens the damage site, not allowing it to become larger.

Before using the material, the crack is cleaned, treated with a degreaser and antiseptic, and thoroughly dried. After that, the defect on the surface is filled with mastic.

The material hardens quite quickly, while the specialist prepares the composition for application. Resurfacing the entire bathtub by pouring method will make its repair even more reliable and durable, and there will not even be a hint of former damage i.e. the surface will be smooth and uniform.

If the acrylic tub has hole damage, in addition to mastic, you will also need a special reinforcing mesh for its repair. This will restore the strength of the frame of the product.

Such works should be entrusted only to a specialist because many nuances should be taken into account to get a high-quality and long-lasting result.

Acrylic Bathtub Repair

The ability to eliminate most of the damage is an important advantage of acrylic bathtubs, which makes choosing it a reasonable, economical, and convenient solution. Acrylic is a modern material that is used both for the manufacture of plumbing parts and for its repair.

Among its advantages are not only simplicity and versatility of application, but also the speed of operation, reasonable cost, environmental friendliness, and strict compliance with modern safety requirements. Liquid acrylic is material for restoring the surface, eliminating any defects, and extending the life of the acrylic bath.

Bathtub Restoration video

The use of the refinished bathtub will become possible after the liquid acrylic has completely solidified. It takes up to 24 hours, depending on which type of material was used, as well as on the temperature of the air in the room. The restored acrylic tub in terms of maintenance and usage, as well as in terms of durability, appearance, and other characteristics, does not differ from the new product, and the cost of work is much cheaper than its purchase and installation. Reasonable savings, long service life, and perfect surface appearance are the advantages that restoration of acrylic bathtubs gives.

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