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Consequences Of Poor-Quality Bathtub Refinishing

Consequences Of Poor-Quality Bathtub Refinishing

The desire to get a product or service at a price below the market average will always be there. Every client wants to save where possible. But in some cases, savings can be completely unreasonable and unjustified.

Tub renovation


When an ad offers you bathtub refinishing with liquid acrylic at a very attractive price, you should be wary, because in this area there are no prerequisites for significant fluctuation in prices. There are differences in the cost of materials from different manufacturers, but this is not enough to influence the price of the service.

The cost for the work of the repairperson also cannot be too low, because a person with professional skills will not work for nothing. The deceitful promise of low price is not only committed by freelance repairpersons, but also by dishonest companies. Such cases only results to two outcomes for the client.

"Additional services"

The advertised price is subject to payments for so-called additional services, which must be included in the basic proposal.

The low price listed in the ad could be rather old, but is still used as a great working ploy to attract customers.

For such repairpersons or companies, the main thing is to attract the attention of the client and attractive prices do a great job at this.

And then the client finds out while the work is already ongoing, that the cleaning of the bathtub, the insulation of tap, the replacement of siphon, and almost every movement of the repairperson requires an additional fee. In the end, the total amount is higher than that offered by contractors with an initially higher price tag.

Sincere companies and repairpersons give the price for the refinishing of a tub of a certain size on a turnkey basis and immediately indicate what kind of work incurs extra cost. Usually, the creation of a bulk acrylic corner, the dismantling of cast-iron siphon or the installation of a side incur extra cost.

Hidden Prices

When discussing with the repairperson about the bathtub to be refinished, be sure to ask what is included in the disclosed price and whether it is final.

Poorly done refinishing (sagging of the material and leaks)

Low prices

Those who advertise as 'specialists' and offer notably low prices might complete the job for less, but such economical services can often lead to unforeseen complications down the road.

Sagging of the Material and Leaks

Upon closer inspection of the surface, the client discovers an uneven coating, leaks and bald spots. After the material dries, other problems may appear - swelling, detachment, stains. Usually, no one undertakes a redo of such work for free.

All defects are attributed to improper care or usage and any request for warranty repairs are declined. And it is even a good sign if the contractor can be contacted at all. Usually, after receiving money, they disappear without a trace.

The concept of poor-quality restoration is very broad, so before you take risks in the hope of saving money, you should find out what repercussions this might have.

The uneven surface of the bathtub due to leaks or the sagging of excess acrylic is a common problem associated with inexperienced repairpersons. Not feeling and not understanding the texture of the material, they cannot correctly use the right amount, pouring either more or less necessary.


Experienced technicians have worked out the right application technique, and they also know how to eliminate small flaws, so their work is fast and of high-quality.

Poor surface preparation

To prepare a bathtub means to carefully clean the surface, and then remove every speck of dust and fiber. And this is not just perfectionism, but the most important condition for a smooth and comfortable coating.

Small fragments of peeled enamel, dust and fibers, covered with acrylic and frozen, create sharp, rather unpleasant, and sometimes even traumatic roughness.

A good technician will confidently handle the perfect cleaning of the surface, while making to use a fibre-free material for applying the degreaser.

Sometimes the new coating begins to swell shortly after refinishing. This suggests that the old enamel was not cleaned properly and there were abruptions on it, which began to swell under the layer of new material.

Bloating Liquid Acrylic

Traces of debris and moisture (stains)

Dust Under Cover

The task of the technician is not only to carry out the refinishing, but also to protect the coating from external factors. Dust and debris, as well as drops of moisture from the faucet, should not fall on the wet acrylic.

If the tap is leaking, the repairperson must seal it off; otherwise even a couple of drops of water can cause irreparable damage to the new coating.

Yellowish or gray spots, usually localized at the bottom of the bath, indicate that the technician did not follow the requied instructions while preparing the material for work.

Only trained and experienced professionals understand how important it is to perfectly mix the acrylic with the hardener and what steps must be taken to achieve this.

Poor mixing is the cause of the appearance of stains, which in the future will compromise of the integrity of the surface long before the end of the warranty period.

Cutting costs on materials

Low prices

The only acceptable way to save money on material is to purchase it in very large quantities, which manufacturers sell at the best price. However, a fairly low percentage of contractors can afford to buy a large consignment of goods.

To cut costs by dishonest means, some people deliberately buy low-quality cheap goods, while others add a solvent to the acrylic, thereby increasing its volume. Both are unacceptable, because in the first case the material may turn out to be simply dangerous, and in the second case, the properties of acrylic fundamentally change, and it can no longer meet the characteristics stated by the manufacturer.

Choosing a refinishing service based on price, the client is not only playing Russian roulette with the quality of the work he is paying for, but also knowingly dooms himself to poor service. And this poor service starts as early as the first contact with the manager or dispatcher.

Some companies try to find out as much detail as possible about the upcoming work, inquire about the wishes of the client, and give in detail and as openly as possible about their pricing.

While other contractors give minimum information and do not by themselves inquire about the client’s wishes, but they may well ask for an advance payment as a guarantee for the order. Sometimes it is company policy, but more often than not it is just plain incompetence.

By hiring people who have little knowledge in this field of work, they cut costs on the employment of qualified personnel.

Fake Material
Fake Material

A reliable contractor has every employee deeply immersed in the topic of restoration, even if they are not directly involved in it. The manager who fills in the application must understand all the intricacies of the process, know the difference between different materials and different techniques, and be able to explain everything to the client. This is how our work at Bathtub Refinishing Inc. is built. Courtesy and professionalism are mandatory qualities of each of our employees.

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Bathtub refinishing is a procedure that helps to significantly cut costs by eliminating the need to buy a new tub. If carried out competently, accurately and all rules are followed; such work will allow you to forget about bathroom problems for 7-15 years. Is it worth saving a few hundred rubles for an unpredictable result? We are sure that is not the case, therefore we offer our clients impeccable refinishing with guaranteed quality and durability at a fair market price.

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