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Plumbing Replacement

Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

It is much better, faster, and cheaper to do high-quality work at once than to correct possible errors. Whether the bathroom requires work on replacing or installing plumbing, as well as repairing or renovating it, we are always ready to serve you.

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Sometimes, to renovate the bathroom and breathe in a little freshness, you do not need to resort to a troublesome and expensive repair. It can often be enough to simply replace some plumbing fixtures to make the bathroom more modern and comfortable. If residents plan to renovate an outdated bathtub with liquid acrylic, then you just can not leave the old faucet and showerhead.

The white acrylic surface together with the modern chrome faucet will not only be pleasant to use but will also provide the entire room with an up-to-date look that corresponds to modern trends.

A lot of people, when it comes to replacing or repairing plumbing, strive to do everything with their own hands, because this task does not seem so difficult. Do not forget, however, that modern plumbing is more sophisticated and complex mechanisms, other installation principles, and special materials that require delicate handling.

Mistakes in installing new plumbing are unacceptable because they can lead not only to its failure but also to water leakage, which always turns into serious problems.

Replacing Plumbing Fixtures

Some plumbing replacement jobs are so complex and require special tools and knowledge that it is better to contact professionals immediately. So, for example, the installation of toilets, the drain mechanisms and connections of which are hidden in the wall is a difficult and delicate work, in which there should be no flaws.

The same applies to working with ultra-modern, high-tech types of plumbing. For everything to work properly and serve for a long time, installation should be entrusted exclusively to qualified specialists.

The «New York Tubs» company provides experienced specialists who not only know different techniques of renovating bathtubs but can also perform any plumbing work. The dismantling, replacement, and installation of any plumbing is performed by them efficiently, accurately, and quickly.

They carry out a repair, restoration, and replacement of bathtubs, installation of showers, toilets, bidets, faucets, laying and replacing pipes, siphons, repair of defective products, and many other works related to the equipment and improvement of the bathroom.

In addition, our craftsmen can give advice and help with the correct choice of products for the bathroom. Often, the company's specialists also have to eliminate the consequences of poorly performed works, restore and repair damaged plumbing.

New plumbing

Cost of replacing plumbing fixtures

Dismantle Dismantle a drain and overflow trim $39
Drain and overflow trim kit Drain and overflow trim kit $49

Tap Refurbishment & Replating

Specialists of the Bath Refinishing NYC company are not only experienced and qualified plumbers who have perfectly versed in the technical side of the issue as well as refinishers who keep up with time, tracking current novelties, the latest developments, and innovations in the field of plumbing.

Whether to equip a bathroom from scratch in a new apartment, or decide to modernize the bathroom, which the family has used for many years, the specialists of the «New York Tubs» company will cope with any task set before them. This is facilitated not only by excellent material and technical base but also by constant improvement of skills, deepening of experience and knowledge of the company's employees.

  • Replacing the drain

  • Replacing the drain

  • Replacing the drain


AvatarJamie G · 4 days ago
Nice job by Artem on reglazing a previously painted but now flaking standard bath tub.
This company was very responsive by instant message and gave clear answers on which to ...
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AvatarDeepa Manohara · a month ago
They were great, easy to schedule an appointment, did a timely, excellent job. The tub ...
Reviews - 2023 | «NEW YORK TUBS»
AvatarMaria Prokuronova · a month ago
Great service! Quick and efficient! Looks great!
Reviews - 2023 | «NEW YORK TUBS»

We provide all the necessary documentation for the work carried out, finish everything strictly in the agreed terms and give a guarantee for services for repairing and replacing plumbing.

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