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Bathtub Refinishing NYC
Bathtub Refinishing NYC
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Bathtub Refinishing (Reglazing) in New York


Make your bathtub beautiful again. Our acrylic bathtub reglazing procedure restores the damaged surface of your tub and returns it to its original elegant luster. Reglazing is an excellent alternative to replacing your bathtub because it requires minimal cost, time and effort to get superior, long-lasting results.


Because the tub is used daily, you want it to have a pleasing, aesthetic appearance as well as a clean, hygienic surface.

Unfortunately, over time your tub can get scratched, cracked and discolored. Daily wear and tear, as well as objects being dropped or hard water stains can damage the surface.

This damage cannot be removed. Spray-on resurfacing lasts only a short time before cracking and peeling. All these issues make your fixtures look unattractive, and it detracts from the overall beauty of your bathroom.

Your first thought may be to replace your bathtub. But that is expensive and time-consuming, and the inconvenience and stress of tearing out and replacing fixtures can be overwhelming. You can avoid all this with our state-of-the-art reglazing process.

We offer bathtub reglazing using advanced liquid acrylic material. Our customers are thrilled with the results: a beautiful, durable finish that’s delivered quickly and at an affordable price.

Our highly-trained craftsmen employ a leading-edge pour-on repair method that uses premium-quality materials to produce superior results. Their years of experience and meticulous attention to detail ensure a smooth, uniform finish with no bare spots, streaks or rough areas. They carefully follow a precise process, guaranteeing exceptional results and a strong, stable finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is bathtub refinishing?

QuestionBathtub refinishing (also referred to as bathtub resurfacing or reglazing) is like giving an old tub a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new. However, it goes much deeper than just a surface coating. It’s a durable, long-lasting material that restores the original shine and smooth finish to your bathtub.

Why should I consider bathtub refinishing?

ChoiceReglazing a bathtub is a more affordable and practical option than replacing it, which can be expensive and time consuming. It gives exceptional results with minimum hassle.

In addition, if you want to change the color of your tub, refinishing is an excellent option.

What material is used?

ArmoglazeThe liquid acrylic material we use is ArmoGlaze, which is safe for you, your children, and the environment, with near zero VOC status. It solidifies and is ready to use in 24 hours. The material and process are odorless and non-toxic during application and after".

This technology has been used since 2011 with outstanding result.

How long does the reglazing process take?

How long?The entire process of preparing and reglazing the bathtub is quick and convenient, normally taking around 3 hours (depending on the complexity of the work, more complex cases may take up to 4 hours).

The time required for complete drying and hardening of the material is about 24 hours. During the work and subsequent hardening time, there is no smell. Since there is no demolition or extensive renovation, there is much less mess and disruption to your daily routine. Our experienced, professional technicians take the utmost care to leave the work area clean and neat when they finish.

How long does the reglazed finish last?

ServiceThe professionally reglazed finish should last for 7 to 15 years with proper maintenance. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s required maintenance instructions in order to extend the lifespan of the finish. Our pour-on method lasts several times longer than spray-on techniques and resists peeling.

Can a bathtub be reglazed more than once?

RedoYes, in most cases there are no issues with refinishing a bathtub more than once. However, if the bathtub has sustained substantial damage or wear, it might not be suitable for reglazing and may need to be replaced.

It’s best to consult with an expert for the best advice for your particular circumstances. Contact us for a free professional evaluation.

Is bathtub reglazing a DIY project?

ToolsBathtub reglazing requires specific tools and expertise as well as a considerable amount of time, effort and attention to detail. For that reason, it’s generally not a DIY project.

To guarantee that the job is done right and to prevent damage to your bathtub or property, it’s advisable to hire a professional refinisher. Our proven pour-on application system performed by experienced technicians assures you will be satisfied with the high-quality outcome.

Why Reglaze Your Bathtub?

Apartment rentals

Inexpensive repair


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Bathtub Resurfacing Services

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Professional technicians in New York and across the country trust the liquid acrylic process for bathtub refinishing/resurfacing because of the outstanding results they achieve. In turn, it has also become a popular choice with our customers due to the numerous benefits they have enjoyed.
We have been using this technology since 2011, and our extensive experience proves time and again that the pour-on acrylic method of bath tub renovation is a valuable investment of time and money.

  • Thanks to the strength and reliability of acrylic, reglazed bathtubs can last at least another 10 years, or even longer. With proper care, the renovated fixtures will continue to retain their like-new appearance without fading or yellowing.

  • Choosing to renovate with liquid acrylic means that the tub will not have to be dismantled, helping our customers avoid a great deal of unnecessary expenses and inconvenience associated with demolition and reinstallation. The work takes only a few hours and the tub is ready to use by the next day, saving your most important resource: time.

  • Liquid acrylic complies with the strict requirements of environmental safety. The material does not cause harm to the environment or humans in either liquid or solid form, it does not emit toxic substances, and it is completely neutral.

  • Acrylic coating is affordable, saving you up to 70% compared to the cost of the purchase and installation of a new bathtub. And the benefits speak for themselves: the easy, painless process and the beautiful, long-lasting finish of the acrylic surface make this method an excellent choice for our clients.

Bath Resurfacing
about the process

How Is a Bathtub Reglazed? - The Process

  • Preparation of the tub
    Preparation of the tub
    Cleaning the tub before coating

    The first stage of preparation involves removing the old worn enamel from the surface of the tub to eliminate all traces of damage and defects.

    To accomplish this, the technician sands down the surface with sandpaper, adding an abrasive powder. He may also use a sander with a special nozzle to accelerate the process. The result is a smooth, even surface.

    The dust generated by the sanding process is carefully removed, and the surface is then disinfected and degreased. This ensures effective bonding and a strong, long-lasting finish that resists peeling and cracking.

  • Application of acrylic
    Refinished bathtub using acrylic
    Refinished bathtub using acrylic

    The acrylic-based hardener is mixed in precise proportions according to manufacturer’s specifications. The open (working) time for the material is limited to about 60 minutes, so the surface must already be prepared, and the compound is mixed immediately before being applied.

    Brushes or other tools are not needed for the pour-on application method of liquid acrylic. Instead, the technician carefully pours the material over the surface, starting at the top and going around the perimeter of the tub. After coating the upper section, he moves progressively down the sides, making sure all areas are covered.

    After ensuring that the acrylic is evenly applied, he levels the surface to form a smooth, uniform glaze.

    During the process, the drain is sealed with tape to prevent the material from seeping into the pipes.

Over the next 24 hours, the acrylic will continue to dry, and the surface will harden to a smooth, sleek finish. During that time, it is critical that it be kept completely dry so as not to damage the recently glazed surface. After 24 hours, it will be ready to use and enjoy for years to come.


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Our bathtub is very old and with time became very rusty and discolored. We have ...
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Excellent Outcome for my refinished bathtub that now looks like a brand new tub! ...
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Very good service
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