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Bathtub Crack and Chip Repair

Cracked Tub Repair

It might surprise you to learn that although the cast-iron material used for tubs is heavy and extremely strong, the enamel finish is actually quite fragile. The surface can be damaged by impacts or everyday wear and tear, and over time the damage can worsen. Cracks can become bigger, and the finish can flake off. Your tub no longer has a smooth, attractive finish.

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Does this mean that your bathtub is completely ruined? Not at all! Not only can it be repaired, but its beauty can actually be enhanced. Reglazing is an excellent option that can breathe new life into an old, worn-out bathtub. It saves the expense and inconvenience of tearing out and replacing your existing bathtub.

One of the most popular methods of refinishing bathtubs is the pour-on method using liquid acrylic. This material gives your tub a smooth, like-new finish, bringing back its original luster. With proper surface preparation, chips and cracks are completely repaired, and your tub will have a strong, resilient finish that lasts for years to come.

It may be tempting to try to patch or fill the chip yourself. The downside to this DIY process is that unless the surface is properly prepared and the material applied correctly, it does not adhere well to the tub. As a result, moisture will leak into the chip and continue to cause damage, and the patch will not last.

Tub repairs

Why Do Chips Need to Be Repaired Immediately?

Tub Chip Repair Before Before and After

Chips in the enamel detract from the appearance of your bathtub and affect the look of the whole bathroom. But chips are not just an aesthetic issue. They can actually pose a danger to you and your family.

The uneven, pitted surface of chips makes them ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. When water seeps into the crevice, microorganisms accumulate under the surface, causing corrosion and deterioration from underneath.

If you have visible chips in your bathtub caused by the impact of objects being dropped or other blows to the surface, the damage could include a network of tiny cracks that may not be visible. These cracks weaken the enamel coating, making it less durable. It’s only a matter of time before the bathtub deteriorates further, leading to increased chipping, peeling, and other damage.


Another reason that chips need to be repaired immediately is that when a hard surface like enamel is damaged, the area around the chip often has uneven edges. If it begins to peel, or the chip starts spreading, it can develop rough edges. These sharp edges can pose a risk of scrapes, cuts and scratches. This is especially true if you use your tub to bathe children or pets.

Bathtub reglazing using the pour-on method with liquid acrylic is the best option for repairing or even preventing chips, cracks and other damage. Rather than doing spot repairs for chips, refinishing the entire surface with acrylic offers several advantages.

First of all, chips are completely repaired, not just patched. This means that water can’t seep through and cause further damage below the surface. Also, microorganisms can’t penetrate the surface and multiply.

In addition, existing cracks won’t spread when the bathtub is reglazed because reglazing refinishes the entire surface, completely eliminating the cracks, not just patching them up.

Also, reglazing provides a smooth, snow-white finish. No bumps, no streaking, no bare spots. Liquid acrylic is strong and durable, and it resists damage from impacts. The material has excellent adhesion to cast iron, so it doesn’t peel or warp.

Repairing chips immediately by reglazing saves you money in the long run and gives you a beautiful, like-new finish

Removing Chips Using Pour-On Application Method

Small chips can be individually repaired by hand, but restoring your bathtub using the pour-on method with liquid acrylic offers several advantages over spot repairs:

  • Many bathtubs have an enamel finish, which is a relatively fragile material. Over the years, it becomes more brittle and prone to damage. Repairing chips or cracks will not prevent new damage to the tub.

  • Enamel starts to fade and discolor with time, so repairing damage will not restore the bright white color, and the patches will be visible.

  • Liquid acrylic reglazing material is durable and impact-resistant, protecting it from future damage.

  • Reglazing provides a sleek, snow-white finish that makes your bathtub look like new.

  • Even on a limited budget, bathtub refinishing with the pour-on method is an affordable option for a bathtub damaged by chips and cracks.

Chip Repairs

All chips and cracks can be repaired using liquid acrylic. If the damage is shallow, a standard restoration is sufficient. In this process, the old enamel surface of the bathtub is removed and the acrylic material is applied.

Bathtubs that are severely damaged with deep cracks and chips require a more extensive restoration process. This process involves several steps for the specialist to repair the underlying damage.

  1. The old, damaged enamel surface is removed by sanding. All traces of the damage and sharp edges are eliminated and the surface is smoothed completely down to the bare metal

  2. All the dust is carefully removed, usually with a vacuum cleaner. The specialist fills the deep cracks and chips with quick-drying putty. The surface is disinfected and degreased to assure superior adhesion

  3. Once the surface is prepped, the acrylic is applied using the pour-on method. The material is carefully spread to assure a flawless, even finish with no bubbles, ridges or bare spots

Why Choose NY Tubs?

Choosing a refinishing specialist can be overwhelming. How can you be sure you’re making the best choice? Examine our credentials and you’ll see what differentiates us from the competition.

Material: We use Armoglaze liquid acrylic reglazing material, an advanced product that provides superior results. Our customers love the beautiful, flawless finish that lasts for years. If you want to change the color of your tub, it can be tinted with pigments for a designer look.

Environmentally friendly: Our leading-edge materials are safe and odorless for your family and the planet with a near zero VOC status.

Experience: We have been in business since 2000. Our highly-trained craftsmen have years of experience and provide reliable, professional service.

Quality: We stand behind all our work and back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Convenience: The work takes 3-4 hours to complete, and your like-new tub is dry and ready to use within 24 hours. No tearing out and replacing your tub and no interruption to your daily routines.

Value: Reglazing your bathtub is a worthwhile investment for the long term. We offer outstanding value at an affordable price.

Dependability: We do what we say we’ll do – on time and on budget. Our friendly, professional technicians treat your home as they would their own and leave the work area neat and clean.

Check out our qualifications and you’ll see that NY Tubs offers outstanding service with a premium quality product.


Our responsive, friendly service and time-tested superior product set us apart in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our clients have to say:

Kevin Cloutier
Kevin Cloutier
Artem did a top notch job. The bathtub looks better than new. The pour on method has a deep rich look and the install is without the mess of the spray method. His response time was perfect and he was on schedule. I highly recommend his services.
Murtaza Bhalloo
Murtaza Bhalloo
The process was seamless. Artem showed up in time and completed the work within the timeframe that was represented. Overall, very satisfied with the job done.
John ORourke
John ORourke
I was interested in this company because they use Armoglaze pour on finish rather than spray. I clicked on "get a quote" on the website and got a call back in under an hour. The price quoted was the same as as advertised, and I was able to schedule for the next day. Artem arrived right on time, dove into the job and finished up in a little over 3 hours. Beautiful result! No mess, no toxic fumes, no drama, no hassle. Happy to recommend to anyone, I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
andrew sarcinella
andrew sarcinella
Artem did a great job, Looks like new
Joe P
Joe P
Artem is very professional. He answered his phone, showed up exactly when he said he would, and did an excellent job!
Can’t complain every professional and clean job. Bathtub looks like new would definitely recommend
Tamanna Talukder
Tamanna Talukder
Our bathtub is very old and with time became very rusty and discolored. We have contracted this company to reglaze our bathtub. Now, it looks new! As if it was replaced with a new tub. From prep to finish, everything was done within four hours! It was very easy to make appointments and the price was reasonable.
Clifton Anderson
Clifton Anderson
Excellent Outcome for my refinished bathtub that now looks like a brand new tub! Artem (the contractor) was on time, professional and friendly. Couldn’t be more satisfied - Highly Recommended!
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez
Very good service
Deepa Manohara
Deepa Manohara
They were great, easy to schedule an appointment, did a timely, excellent job. The tub looks so much better now. I would highly recommend this company.

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The pour-on method using liquid acrylic completely restores the surface of a worn-out, faded or damaged bathtub. Unlike enamel, which is brittle and easily damaged, it provides a solid, durable finish that resists damage and fading. It provides a sleek, elegant finish that lasts for years without chipping, peeling or cracking. It’s a great investment that transforms your bath into a luxurious experience. Call or click below to get an estimate today!

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