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Bathtub Crack and Chip Repair

Elimination of Chipping on the Bathtub
Cracked Tub Repair

Chips in the bathtub are damage that appears on the surface of the bath due to strong blows or falling of heavy objects on it. As a rule, enamel bathtubs are covered with chips of different sizes and depths, because this material is very fragile. The existing chips and flakes of enamel deepen over time and continue to deteriorate, gradually worsening the appearance of the tub.

Does this mean that the bathtub is completely ruined? Not at all, it can not only be repaired but its characteristics can also be improved. Reglazing a chipped bathtub can breathe new life into an old and worn-out bathroom fixture, saving homeowners the cost and hassle of full replacement. One of the most popular methods for this refurbishment is using liquid acrylic. This material, when applied correctly, provides a sleek and shiny finish that resembles a brand-new tub. It allows you to eliminate any damage, create a perfectly smooth surface and extend the life of the bath for a long time.

What you should not do is try to fill the place of the chip yourself with improvised materials. If the surface is not prepared and treated properly, it will not adhere to any material as it should. As a result, moisture will still leak into the chip cavity and continue to destroy the enamel.

Why Do Chips Need to Be Repaired Immediately?

Tub Chip Repair Before Before and After

Even if the owner of the apartment does not suffer from perfectionism and chips in the tub do not bother him, they still have to be repaired. It is not only that they make the surface of the bathtub ugly, but they can also be dangerous.

The uneven surface due to chipping is a favorable place for the development of bacteria. Water constantly accumulates in the recess, which is not only the habitat of microorganisms but also continuously continues the process of corrosion and destruction of the surface.

Intense mechanical impact on the enamel surface causes not only the appearance of chips but also causes the appearance of a network of tiny cracks that may not be visible. These cracks make the coating less durable, weaken it, so it will only be a matter of time before further destruction, increased chipping, or the appearance of new damage in this area.


Hard enamel, when damaged, often forms a chip with uneven edges. Sometimes the material also begins to peel off, which leads to the appearance of a sharp edge.

Such places on the bathtub can be dangerous because they can injure the user. Especially if children live in the apartment, or if animals are washed in the bath.

Pouring acrylic is the best material for repairing and preventing chipping, as well as other damages. The most correct option both from the practical point of view and from the point of view of aesthetics is to reglaze the entire bathtub with acrylic, without waiting for it to show serious damage.

After this, the product will not only become uniformly white and smooth but also resistant to all impacts that are dangerous to the enamel.

Using this material for resurfacing bathtubs and repairing chips has a very good adhesion when properly applied and adherence to the technology so it is firmly held on the surface of a cast-iron tub.

Removing Chips Using Pour-On Application Method

If the bathtub has individual chips, they can be repaired point-by-point, however there are several good reasons why you should resort to a complete restoration of the product:

  • Enamel, which has been used for many years, becomes even more fragile, and therefore more prone to the formation of new defects. Repairing existing damage will not protect you from the imminent appearance of new ones.

  • Aged enamel will differ in color from snow-white acrylic, so the result of repair, although it will be reliable and durable, the aesthetics will not be pleasing.

  • Complete refinishing of the bathtub with pouring acrylic not only creates a perfectly white new surface but also protects it from possible damage in the future due to the impact resistance and reliability of the material.

  • The cost of reglazing the tub using pour-on application method, including repairing chips and cracks, is possible even with a limited budget, and therefore it makes sense to use this profitable service.

Chip Repairs

Using pouring acrylic, you can repair chips of any depth and size. To eliminate shallow damage, a standard restoration procedure will be sufficient, which involves removing old enamel from the surface of the bathtub and covering it with acrylic. If the product is severely damaged during usage and there are serious, deep chips on it, the specialist will have to do serious work in several stages.

First, the specialist will need to remove the old enamel with sandpaper, which has been damaged and retains traces of many years of usage. Places, where there are chips, are sanded especially carefully, the sharp edges are smoothed out, and the detachments are cleaned down to a metallic shine.

After that, all dust should be carefully removed from the surface, preferably with a vacuum cleaner. Then the bathtub is treated with disinfecting and degreasing solutions. the specialist fills places of particularly deep chipping, with quick-drying putty.

The final stage of repair involves the refinishing of the tub with prepared composition. Its perfect coupling and ability to level any surface allow you to get a perfect result with any input data.

How to Fix a Chipped/Cracked Surface on the Bathtub?


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Thanks to pour-on application method, you can not only repair a cracked bathtub, but also protect their appearance in the future. It, unlike hard and brittle enamel, has a much more elastic structure, preventing the occurrence of chipping and other damages. The acrylic surface is durable and retains the smoothness, integrity, and gloss of the surface for many years of usage.

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