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Caulking Bathtub (Using Pour-On Application)


Caulking bathtub (using pour-on application method) is the sealing of the contact joint between the side of the tub and the wall tiles with pouring acrylic. Unlike a plinth, Caulking forms the exact geometry of the joints, which turns out to be solid along the entire perimeter, without forming cracks and gaps. A smooth transition from the edge to the surface of the bathtub not only looks neat and aesthetically pleasing, but also has impeccable operational features.

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In most standard apartments, the bathtub in the bathroom is installed close to the wall. The joints between its side and tiles are treated with a sealant, and then are usually covered by a special corner, which should prevent water from entering the floor under the bathroom and protect the lower floors from possible flooding. This method of designing joints is quite common, although it has many disadvantages:

  • The corner is made, as a rule, from thin and fragile plastic which can be damaged from impact even from light objects or incautiously pressing it;

  • The thin and unreliable material of the corner quickly collapses due to moisture in damaged areas thereby requiring frequent replacement.

  • Relief elements of the corner are the areas of constant accumulation of moisture, which contributes to the development of microorganisms and fungal spores. Because of this, the corner is covered with black mold, which spoils the whole look of the bathroom;

  • Hard water salts and rust are quickly deposited on the surface of the plastic corner. It darkens, becomes stained and loses its attractive appearance;

For the reasons listed above, a plastic corner cannot be considered a reliable, durable and aesthetically attractive element in the design of bathtub joints. The «New York Tubs» offers an alternative that will last for years while still looking presentable and performing all necessary functions.


The caulking (using pour-on application method) service at the «New York Tubs» starts at $25 (depending on the distance between the wall and the bathtub).

Caulked Bathtub

Benefits of a Pouring Corner

  • No bacteria

    Bacteria do not grow on the acrylic surface, which means that the appearance of mold is eliminated. You can also use pouring acrylic with the inclusion of silver nanoparticles, which neutralizes most harmful microorganisms.

  • Durability

    Acrylic is a durable material that cannot be damaged by impact or pressure. The pouring corner does not succumb to mechanical influences, and therefore retains its integrity for a long time.

  • Moisture resistance

    Acrylic does not collapse and does not change its properties under the influence of moisture. The corner filling does not allow water to pass through it, forming an airtight coating that will not allow even a small amount of water to seep through.

  • Newness

    The material has the property to repel dirt and water, which allows the surface to remain clean and white. Rust spots and plaque from poor-quality water do not appear on the corner; it is easy to clean and looks new for many years.

Technicians recommend to make caulking together with the bathtub coating. Forming a single whole, they make the interior of the room complete and neat, and also create a functional space that can be used as a shelf.

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