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Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth It?

Is Refinishing a Bathtub Worth It


That’s a good question. Your tub may be cracking and peeling, have stains and damage, or maybe it’s old and worn out and you’re ready for a change. An unsightly bathtub can be an eyesore that makes you hesitate to invite guests over for fear they will see your ugly tub. But the damage goes much deeper than just the way it looks. A scratched, peeling or damaged surface can harbor harmful bacteria and may cause scratches and scrapes on your skin.

Your first thought may be to tear out the old bathtub and install a new one, especially if your tub has significant stains or damage. A new tub would certainly look nice. But is that really the best solution? Consider the time, expense and inconvenience:

  • Replacing your bathtub can be time-consuming. After ordering a new tub, you may have to wait for it to be delivered, besides the time it takes to remove the old tub and install the new one.

  • Replacing it can also be expensive. Besides the price of the tub, you have to figure labor for tear-out and installation, and possibly a new faucet, shower head, and drain. Also, if the surrounding floors, walls or tile are damaged in the process, that adds to the cost (and time).

  • In addition, removing and replacing the tub is inconvenient. Having your bathroom torn apart can mean a big mess in your home, besides not having the use of your bathroom.

Is It Worth Reglazing a Cast-Iron Tub

Is there a better alternative? What if you could renew your bathtub to like-new condition with a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution?

You may have heard about bathtub refinishing. But is it a viable option for renewing your bathtub? Is it really worth it? How much does it cost? Does it give the same results? And how long does the new finish last?

First of all, there are different methods for refinishing a worn, stained or damaged bathtub, but not all give the same results. Some can be used only with surface damage and nothing deeper. Others may give a good finish, but it’s not durable so it quickly peels or fades. But there is one method that stands out above the rest.

Acrylic reglazing using the pour-on method is a time-tested, reliable process that produces beautiful, long-lasting results. When applied by a professional craftsman, it can cover even deep damage, leaving a strong, elegant shine that lasts for many years.

Is Refinishing a Bathtub Worth It

What are the advantages of reglazing a bathtub compared to tearing it out and replacing it?

  • Cost: The savings are substantial. The materials and labor are all included in an affordable price. You won’t have to pay for tearing out the tub, buying a new one, or having it installed. You’ll also save by not having to buy the faucet and drain because with reglazing the current ones can be reinstalled. There is no damage to the surrounding walls, floor or tiles.

  • Hygienic: The advanced liquid acrylic material forms a strong bond to the surface of the tub and creates a solid, non-porous surface that resists microbes. It’s easy to keep clean, so your family can relax and enjoy a clean, germ-free bathing experience.

  • Convenience: You don’t have the construction mess that comes with tearing out the bathtub. The rest of the bathroom, and the rest of your home, are not affected by the process. Also, during the work and the subsequent drying time, there is no odor because the material has zero VOC status. It is completely safe for you and your family.

  • Appearance: Your newly refinished bathtub is restored to its original luster. You can have that new-bathtub look without the new-bathtub price. The pour-on acrylic material is like giving your bathtub a new coat of paint, but it goes much deeper than the surface. It adheres to the tub and leaves a dependable, resilient finish without bubbles, streaks or bare spots.

  • Durability: With proper maintenance, the professionally reglazed surface can last 7-15- years, or even longer. It’s resistant to stains, chips and peeling, and it maintains its clean, radiant finish just like a new tub.

  • Time: The reglazing preparation and application process takes very little time, just 3-4 hours in most cases. Your tub is completely dry and ready to use in 24 hours.


Cast-iron bathtubs are particularly sought after because of their high quality and durability, not to mention their upscale look and their ability to retain heat. However, they tend to be extremely heavy, so they are much more difficult – and expensive – to tear out and replace. If you have a cast-iron bathtub, it makes sense to keep it and have it reglazed instead of replacing it.

What about spray-on refinishing? Spray-on refinishing may be comparable in price to pour-on reglazing, but it generally takes longer to apply and to dry, and it lasts for a much shorter time. Compare the two methods side-by-side to see which gives you a better value:

Spray-On Application Pour-On Application
Durability check 1-3 years check 7-15 years
Speed of service check 2-3 days check Same day
Process completion check 5 hours or more check 3-4 hours
Odorless check no check yes
Drying Time check 2 days check 24 hours
COST Starting at $259 Starting at $259
Main difference

What is the process for acrylic pour-on reglazing? The technician prepares the tub by sanding, cleaning and degreasing the surface. Then the acrylic material is carefully applied and spread over the surface to ensure all areas are covered completely and evenly. There is no heavy equipment brought into your home, and cleanup is quick and easy. The surface is left to dry for 24 hours, and your newly finished bathtub is ready to use.

So if your bathtub needs renovation, carefully consider your options. You’ll find that reglazing is a superior value in terms of time, money, and convenience, and it gives you outstanding results.

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