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Is Bathtub Refinishing Worth It?

Is Refinishing a Bathtub Worth It

How can the bathroom be renovated without starting a serious repair and make daily hygiene procedures more enjoyable? Buying a new bathtub seems like the most successful idea, but not everyone thinks of the difficulties involved in the replacement process. An old cast-iron tub can last for many more years and still be an interior decoration if it is properly restored.

A new bathtub impresses with its whiteness and smoothness, and it is much more pleasant to use such a product than an old one that has long served its time.

However, such a seemingly simple task of replacing one thing with another involves a lot of complexities and additional costs, which are not immediately considered by everyone.

Dismantling an old tub is difficult to do on your own. This requires tools and an understanding of how to properly remove the mixer, siphon, and other elements. In addition, you will not be able to remove the bathtub yourself, because the cast-iron product has a considerable weight.

Sometimes, during the dismantling process, you need to remove some tiles from the wall, which makes the repair process longer and more difficult.

Is It Worth Reglazing a Cast-Iron Tub

Most likely, you will not be able to do without replacing just the bathtub with a new one for the interior to look complete and attractive, you will need to buy a new faucet, a shower head with a mount and a siphon.

Taking into account all these nuances and additional expenses, buying a new bathtub no longer looks like such a simple and affordable solution. If residents want to avoid all this, the best solution is to reglaze the cast-iron bathtub with liquid acrylic.

The renovation is performed according to all the rules using high-quality material, which gives the old surface the appearance and properties of a new one, but at the same time, it can avoid dismantling, unnecessary expenses, and loss of time.

Is Refinishing a Bathtub Worth It

Refinishing a cast-iron bathtub using pour-on application method will help to restore its appearance and make it pleasant for further use. Unlike other renovation materials, which provide a short-term cosmetic effect, composition forms a new layer on the cast iron base. Its main characteristics are long service life, resistance to mechanical damage, and aesthetics.

In addition, due to the simplicity and speed of the process, as well as the low price of the material, the restoration of the tub with acrylic is very affordable.

The restoration allows you to save the cast-iron bathtub which is a high-quality, durable product with high-performance characteristics.

The specialist performs all the work on the installed bathtub, without damaging the wall decoration and floor covering. Before applying the material to the surface, the old enamel which spoils the appearance of the bath is cleaned off.

During cleaning, cracks are smoothed, chips, gray deposits, and rust spots are removed, detachments, if any, are removed.

Pour-On Application Method
Pour-On Application Method


After this treatment, the bathtub becomes homogeneous and prepared for the application of the composition. Due to the peculiarities of the material and the principles of working with it, the coating is flawlessly even and smooth, just like the surface of a new tub.


Spray-On Application Pour-On Application
Lifetime check 1-3 years check 7-15 years
Same Day Service? check 2-3 days check Yes
Working Process check from 5 hours check 3-4 hours
Odorless check no check yes
Drying Time check 2 days check 24 hours
COST from $259 from $259
Main difference

For many people, the speed of repair or restoration is an important indicator. In contrast to the replacement of the tub, which will necessarily lead to additional work in the bathroom, pour-on application method using liquid acrylic can be scheduled for the weekend, and after a day the repaired tub can be used.

Thus, reglaze a bathtub using pour-on application method is by all accounts better than buying a new one. With an ideal external result and durability of the coating, it allows you to save time and money on the repair of bathrooms.

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