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How to Care for Your Newly Reglazed Bathtub

Care Information


No matter how high-quality and durable a product is, inappropriate usage and maintenance can significantly shorten its service life. Conversely, taking care and following all the rules prolongs not only the life of the product but also the pleasure of using it.

Acrylic bathtubs and cast-iron tubs reglazed with liquid acrylic are appreciated by many consumers and have received excellent reviews about their appearance, durability, and strength.

The beauty and aesthetics of acrylic surfaces consist in their ideal uniformity and white color, noble gloss, and impeccable smoothness.

After getting your bathtub refinished, it is essential to know how to maintain its lustrous look and ensure its longevity.

How can these qualities be maintained for a long time and not prevent the bath’s daily usage?

The durability of acrylic is not in doubt and has been proven by the experience of many consumers. However, do not forget that this material is prone to scratches, which makes the surface less glossy and deprives the product of its attractiveness.

To avoid this, it is necessary to limit the product’s contact with metal objects such as buckets, basins, and other containers that have hard and sharp edges.

It is also recommended that the showerhead is securely fixed to a special holder. Otherwise, during falls, it can leave scratches on the surface of the bathtub.

Address leaking faucets promptly to prevent surface erosion.

If you are bathing your dog in the refinished tub, use a rubber bath mat or towel to protect the surface from scratches. Ensure that pets do not claw the surface when climbing in or out.

You can use bathmats, but they should be removed and dried after each use.

How to Care for Your Newly Reglazed Bathtub

Cleaning an acrylic bathtub is different from what we are used to doing with enameled products. If the enamel, which absorbs all the dirt, had to be cleaned with effort using hard brushes, abrasive powders, and strong chemicals, then with an acrylic tub it is necessary to forget about all this.

Small particles of cleaning powder scratch the glossy surface, gradually stripping it of its glossiness. Hard sponges and brushes do the same.

Care for an acrylic product should be delicate so that its gloss will not deteriorate. For washing, it is best to use a soft cloth or sponge paired with a special tool for acrylic surfaces. Ordinary soap is also quite suitable, so buying special chemicals for an acrylic bathtub is not necessary at all.

Try to USE ONLY recommended products below.

  • Tilex

  • Scrubbing Bubbles

  • Clorox

Cleaning Precautions
  1. Steer clear of abrasive pads and harsh cleaners. They can diminish the bathtub’s shine.

  2. Baking soda can be an occasional cleaning agent, but overuse may dull the finish.

  3. Regular cleaning prevents stubborn soap scum build-up that can tarnish the finish.

  4. Use mild soap, water, and a soft cloth for weekly cleanings.

  5. Avoid using Comet, Ajax, steel wool, wire brushes, bleach-based cleaners, ammonia, or scratch pads.

  6. Should you want to try a new cleaning product, always test it on an inconspicuous area first.

Chemical Awareness: Cleaners with a very high or low pH can damage surfaces, especially if left on for prolonged periods. Avoid using automated cleaning sprayers on refinished tubs, as these can cause staining.

Ideally, the bathtub should be rinsed and wiped after each use so that its cleanliness and gloss will be pleasing every time you visit the bathroom. However, it’s okay if you can’t do this regularly.

One of the advantages of acrylic tubs is that their smooth, non-porous surface repels dirt and impurities of poor-quality water, preventing them from settling and penetrating deeper into the layer. Thanks to this feature of acrylic, which makes it very easy to take care of an acrylic bathtub.

Remember, reglazing your tub is an affordable alternative to complete remodeling. However, just like new fixtures, it requires gentle care. Proper maintenance will ensure that your bathtub remains beautiful and functional for years to come.

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