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The classic snow-white bathtub is no longer the only option available for the bathroom. Modern solutions in the field of renovation and design allow the introduction of fresh and bright ideas to the bathroom, which will delight the apartment’s residents. In the arrangement of color accents in the bathroom, the bath plays an important role, as the central and largest element in the room.

Products of non-standard colors are available in plumbing stores, but their varieties are not particularly large, and the prices are quite high. To prevent an unprofitable purchase, saving the family budget and precious time, supports the method of restoring the tub using pour-on application. It involves renovating the coating on the product already installed in the bath.

Compound is produced in white but can acquire any shade of varying degrees of depth and saturation.

For this purpose, special color pastes are available in the manufacturers’ range, and adding them to the white base allows you to get a working mixture of the desired color.

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Advantages of Bathtub Reglazing With Colored Acrylic

Tub Reglazing With Colored Acrylic Before and After

Tub reglazing with colored acrylic has significant advantages over purchasing a new product:

  • This process is not burdensome for residents

    Dismantling a cast-iron bathtub and then replacing it with a new one is always a noisy, fussy, and dusty process, which also requires the participation of more than one worker.

    A specialist who does refinish using pour-on application method will do everything alone in a short time, while not disturbing or inconveniencing the apartment’s residents.

  • A wide range of shades

    Coating and tinting bath with liquid acrylic with the use of special pastes gives a choice of shades that are not comparable in breadth to the already finished colored products.

    The choice of bathtubs of non-standard colors is very limited, while color pastes make it possible to get almost any shade for the surface.

  • No damages to the interior

    Dismantling the tub will affect the integrity of the walls, corners, and tiles. The level of damage will depend not only on the accuracy of the workers but also on the attachment and location of the bathtub.

    Therefore, a complete replacement of the tub implies carrying out repairs in the bathroom. Bathtub refinishing with colored acrylic does not require dismantling, which means that the owner will be able to carry out or not carry out finishing work at their discretion.

  • Significant cost savings

    The owner of an apartment saves not only on expensive purchases but also on its transportation and installation. Resurfacing the existing bathtub with liquid colored acrylic does not entail any additional costs, and the cost of this service is more than affordable.

  • Durability and quality

    15 years or more – that’s how long an acrylic-coated surface can last. During all this time, it will have an aesthetic appearance and retain its smoothness and original shade.

  • TubTinting

Bath restoration using colored acrylic before and after green

Specialists of the New York Tubs will restore the bathtub using pour-on application method, giving it any shade of the customer’s choice. All works are carried out within a predetermined time frame, and the use of modern materials with a safe and high-quality composition guarantees their impeccable result.

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