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Sink Reglazing


The sink in the bathroom is not only an irreplaceable functional item but also a noticeable part of the bathroom interior. It occupies a central place in composition with a mirror, shelves, all kinds of stands, and toiletries, which means that it simply cannot have an unpresentable look. Basic hygiene procedures, self-care, and beauty rituals all take place in front of the mirror by the sink.

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The sink is chosen for a specific interior, so it is not easy to replace a damaged or aged sink with a new one that matches the rest of the interior items in style, shade, and configuration. Most often, the surface of the sink suffers from damage and discoloration of the enamel.

With each day of use, these problems only get worse. You can solve them in two ways: replace the sink with a new one or try to restore the one that is installed.

Replacing the sink is not always an easy solution. It is often installed on a cabinet with specific dimensions and configurations. Due to the difficulties with the selection of a sink that is suitable in all aspects, it is necessary to change the cabinet and the rest of the furniture.

This is associated with considerable costs and may entail other costs. In this case, the restoration looks like a more rational way out.

The «New York Tubs» company specialists reglaze sinks using liquid acrylic. This method has been used for many years to restore the surfaces of bathtubs, shower trays, and sinks made of different materials.

Acrylic is suitable for coating cast iron and steel products, artificial stone, earthenware, polymers. It restores the whiteness and new shiny appearance of the product.

Most of the damages and external flaws that spoil the sink, and along with it, the interior of the bathroom, are easily removed using pour-on application method for the restoration.

Sink Reglazing After

The texture of the material is thick and dense, so it perfectly fills in and evens out all the depressions and flaws of the surface. Flowing and enveloping liquid acrylic follows the features of the sink’s relief, preserving its beauty.

The new coating is hygienic and perfect in its external characteristics. After reglazing the sink with acrylic, it becomes easier to care for it and it does not need to be cleaned with caustic chemicals but remains glossy and uniformly white.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sink reglazing?

QuestionRefinishing a sink to make it seem brand-new is known as sink reglazing. This normally entails stripping off the old finish, cleaning, and fixing the sink.

What types of sinks can be reglazed?

ChoiceCeramic, fiberglass, porcelain, and acrylic sinks may all have their glazes replaced.

What material is used?

ArmoglazeThe liquid acrylic material we use is ArmoGlaze, which is safe for you, your children, and the environment, with near zero VOC status. It solidifies and is ready to use in 24 hours. The material and process are odorless and non-toxic during application and after.

This technology has been used since 2011 with outstanding result.

How long does the reglazing process take?

TimeThe entire process of preparing and reglazing the sink is quick and convenient, normally taking around 3 hours.

The time required for complete drying and hardening of the material is about 24 hours. During the work and subsequent hardening time, there is no smell. Since there is no demolition or extensive renovation, there is much less mess and disruption to your daily routine. Our experienced, professional technicians take the utmost care to leave the work area clean and neat when they finish.

How long does the reglazed sink last?

ServiceThe professionally reglazed finish should last for 5 to 10 years with proper maintenance. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s required maintenance instructions in order to extend the lifespan of the finish.

Our pour-on method lasts several times longer than spray-on techniques and resists peeling.

Can I reglaze a sink myself?

ToolsBathtub reglazing requires specific tools and expertise as well as a considerable amount of time, effort and attention to detail. For that reason, it’s generally not a DIY project.

To guarantee that the job is done right and to prevent damage to your sink, it’s advisable to hire a professional refinisher. Our proven pour-on application system performed by experienced technicians assures you will be satisfied with the high-quality outcome.


Our responsive, friendly service and time-tested superior product set us apart in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it—listen to what our clients have to say:

Joel Marte
Joel Marte
AMAZING JOB. I loved the way the job turned out.
Jennifer Musawwir
Jennifer Musawwir
I wish I had done this YEARS ago! Artem did an amazing job bringing our bathtub back to life. He was prompt, professional and clearly an expert at what he does. Our bathroom looks beautiful and fresh again. The price is so reasonable for the quality of work. I highly recommend to anyone looking for an affordable and easy way to freshen up their bathtub!
Andrea Lupo
Andrea Lupo
Prompt, and beautiful job. No mess.
Ann M
Ann M
My tub was peeling and had unsightly rubber flowers on it meant to prevent slippage. New York Tubs fixed it for me, at what I thought was a fair price, and now you’d never know how bad it looked. All good!
Michael Mayers
Michael Mayers
Artem was very friendly and worked quick and diligently. My bathtub now looks so clean and pristine. I am very happy with how it turned out. Glad I found him.
great job clean up was suprising
Artem did a phenomenal job on my tub! My tub was probably one of the worst he’s ever seen and had about 60 years of damage and terrible repairs. He went above and beyond with his work! We are renovating our terribly old bathroom and we came across some unrelated plumbing issues, and he generously offered to come back the next day to complete the job! I couldn’t recommend him enough, he was absolutely terrific!
Joseph Pezzolla
Joseph Pezzolla
I've had a few bathtubs refinished, this is by far the best. The technician was a gentleman who arrived on time and worked in a professional manner. I would recommend this company to my friends and would obviously hire them again.
Reuben B.
Reuben B.
Artem was on time, courteous, and very clean. What impressed me most was his attention detail as far as craft and that the product did not smell of terrible chemicals. The bathtub looks so good that I’m going to call him again for another tub in my building. A very trustworthy company.
Dori Carlson
Dori Carlson
Beautiful results and totally painless: punctual, reliable, no smell, good price.

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To refinish the sink efficiently, it is important to have the right preparation for all the nuances of which are known to the experienced craftsmen. We give priority attention to preliminary works, without which a good final result is impossible. It is necessary to check the mixer for leaks and remove them if they are found.

Otherwise, even a few drops of water can ruin the wet coating. Also, the siphon should be removed and all the surfaces adjacent to the sink should be carefully sealed, so that they are not damaged during the operation.

The sink is prepared for coating by pretreating with an abrasive material, which removes the old layer of enamel and creates a micro-relief that strengthens the adhesion of the material.

After cleaning, dust is washed out of the uniform, matte surface of the sink, which is then treated with antiseptic and degreasing solutions. After that, the absolutely dry and clean product can be covered with prepared composition.

Sinks are small in size and do not take long to restore. The next day, the surface is dry and ready for the siphon connection, fittings installation, and further use. Sink reglazing with liquid acrylic done by the technicians of the «New York Tubs» will quickly put in order any product in the bathroom.

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