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It is not always that minor home repairs can be done on you. For some tasks, specific tools are needed, for others, knowledge of some technologies and special skills. Bathroom refurbishment is one of those. Even though it might look simple at first glance, the work requires a lot of skills.

Why is it crucial to locate a highly skilled technician for bathtub reglazing and what does the process entail?

The most modern, effective and durable method of bathtub refinishing today is liquid acrylic coating. It involves the special preparation of the bathtub surface and the application of the material to it with a specific technique.

In addition to working directly with liquid acrylic, a bathtub reglazer needs to have plumbing skills, since all these actions are interconnecte.

It is also important when looking for a bathtub refinisher to take into account his personal qualities. After all, this is the person who will be invited into your house, which means that he must be reliable, decent and well-mannered.

Where to start looking for such a technician who you can let into your home and entrust him with updating bathroom?

In the age of information technology, finding something is not at all difficult. Much more difficult is making the right choice from the mass of offers available for your specific request.

Bathtub Refinishing in process
Bathtub Refinishing In Process

Bathtub Reglazers on Yelp, Angi, Thumbtack and other platforms

Currently, consumers use popular services like Yelp, Angi, Thumbtack and others to search for goods and services. The advantages of searching for a specialist on Internet services are obvious: ads can be sorted according to a variety of criteria and you can choose a repairperson that will be most suitable for a particular job for a particular customer.

After reviewing the information, you can call a technician to clarify the details and make a final decision. It would seem that this is a fairly convenient and reliable way to find the right person, but it has significant weaknesses.

Yelp, Angi, Thumbtack
  • A well-written and visually attractive ad is not a guarantee that the bathtub reglazing will be done just as well. At the same time, if the customer remains dissatisfied with the work performed, he is unlikely to be able to receive compensation.

  • Private reglazers do their work and leave. The whole deal is based on trust in a stranger. The customer will not be provided with any documents, and he will not receive a warranty on the coating.


For the refinishing of a bathtub, as well as other repair work in the bathroom and the entire apartment, it is best to contact companies specializing in construction and repair.

  1. Organizations always care about their image, so they will not hire dubious people.

  2. It is beneficial for companies that its bathtub refinishers do high quality work, which is why they ensure their workers undergo training and professional development.

  3. Companies cooperate with manufacturers of materials, which gives them the right to give special prices for products and various discounts, as well as training seminars for technicians.

  4. Company employs more than one or two bathtub reglazers, so any time convenient to the customer someone is available to be sent to them.

  5. Companies provide the client with a contract, a certificate of warranty. It is necessary to protect the customer.


The New York Tubs is a team of experienced professionals with skills in various areas of construction and renovation. Our primary focus lies in ensuring top-notch quality, client comfort, and safety.

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