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Pour-On Application Method (Refinishing)

Pour-On Application

Not everyone is ready to replace a cast-iron bathtub with a new acrylic one due to the large expense for purchase, transportation, installation, and all related works, as well as a significant inconvenience for residents who would need the bathroom.
We offer a service of the tub refinishing with liquid acrylic, which combines everything that the client needs: speed, perfect results, durability, and availability.

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Tub repairs

The current trend of decreasing consumption is reflected in various aspects of our lives. For example, many people tend to give a second life to things they already have, instead of acquiring new ones.

Modern materials and repair methods make it possible to save time and money, while preserving what we do not want to part with.

Cast-iron bathtubs installed in most apartments several decades ago remain in place and perform their functions perfectly. They are loved for their stability and reliability, as well as for their strength and ability to keep water warm for a long time.

Cast-iron tubs could serve for many more decades, if not for one drawback i.e. the enameled surface of which its service life is not nearly as long as that of the cast iron.

Damaged enamel that is speckled with small and large chips, covered with cracks, or darkened by time looks unpresentable, which makes the entire bathroom seem dull and outdated.

Tub Reglazed example
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Additional Services

Caulking Caulking $25
Removing sliding doors Removing sliding doors $30
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Features of Liquid Acrylic

Tub reglazing kit

Liquid acrylic used for working with plumbing is a material consisting of a thick white acrylic base and hardener. They are mixed in the proportion specified by the manufacturer immediately before starting work. The suitability of the restoration material is limited to a small period, so all actions must be carried out by a professional with sufficient experience and the necessary skills.

Acrylic is dense and plastic, but at the same time fluid and obedient. When it hardens, it becomes very strong forming a good adhesion to the pre-prepared surface and can be used for at least 15 years.

Bathtub Reglazing before and after

Pour-On Application Pros and Cons

Using pour-on application method to reglaze bathtub is recommended by specialists working with this material. Knowing about all its wonderful properties and advantages, they convince clients, in practice, to be sure that it is still possible to get everything at once.

  • Liquid Acrylic

    Liquid acrylic is a composition with which the specialist creates a new surface of the bathtub, which will not differ in appearance and usage from modern acrylic products.

    This makes it possible to get the result of a new acrylic tub without dismantling the old cast–iron one.

  • Chips

    Often on cast-iron bathtubs, the enamel is so damaged that quite deep cracks and chips form on the glaze.

    Composition fills all the recesses parts and removes unnecessary relief, forming a smooth and even surface with a beautiful glossy glare.

  • Without a brush

    No tools are required to apply acrylic to the bath surface. Paint brushes and rollers, which can leave marks and other defects, are simply not needed for this.

    The plastic and pliable material levels itself out, making the bathtub covered with it perfectly smooth.

  • Acrylic

    Choosing acrylic as the material for bath resurfasing, does not require dismantling the tub, and this is one of the main advantages of the method.

    It allows you to quickly and easily make the bathtub pleasant to use, and the interior of the room fresher and more relevant.

  • Whiteness

    Only with acrylic can you achieve an impeccable whiteness and a noble glossy shine, indistinguishable from the newly purchased product.

    This effect persists throughout the entire period of bathtub usage.

  • Odorless

    Bathtub reglazing kit is a safe substance that meets all strict international requirements. It does not harm human health and the environment in any of its aggregate states.

    Acrylic does not have a sharp chemical smell, therefore, a specialist can work with it without a respirator, also, the residents can stay in the apartment during the work.

  • Strength

    Stiff acrylic is very strong and plastic. Its surface does not crack from blows or accidentally dropped objects. It can withstand heavy loads and reliably adheres to the surface of the bathtub without peeling.

  • Saving

    Composition is affordable, as well as the renovation services using it. The benefits of its use become undeniable if we take into account that a bathtub reglazed with this material serves for about 15 years or more.

  • Color

    Thanks to the self-leveling material, the bathtub can be given any shade you like. The product range of manufacturers includes color pastes that are added to the white base.

  • Tub care

    Caring for a bath with an acrylic glaze is a complete pleasure, especially for those who are desperate to put an old enameled bathtub in order. The smoothness of acrylic, due to the absence of micropores on the surface, gives it dirt and water-repellent properties.

    Contamination does not penetrate deep into the coating and is removed without the use of special chemicals, using the simplest soap and a non-rigid sponge.

  • Time

    Applying acrylic to the glaze of the tub is a process that takes a little time. The material is applied in a single layer, after which we only need to wait for it to harden.

    Manufacturers offer varieties of acrylic with drying times ranging from 48 to 24 hours. This is considered to be the fastest restoration method out of the currently available methods.

  • Corner

    Liquid acrylic is not only a new glaze for the bath but also a beautiful and functional filling area between its sides and the wall.

    This is always moisture in this area and mold appears. Filling a corner made of acrylic not only forms a complete view of the bathtub, but also prevents the development of fungus, keeping it clean and hygienic.

Gallery of Our Realizations

Gallery (Before & After)

DIY - How to Bathtub Reglazing?

  1. The bathtub is disconnected from the water supply and the sewer, all the fittings, the faucet, and the showerhead are removed.

  2. To ensure that the material adheres to the surface, the old enamel coating must be cleaned off. Sandpaper removes the old layer of enamel, paying more attention to areas with chips and cracks. The result should be a uniformly rough surface.

  3. When the old enamel is removed, the resulting dust and lose fragments must be removed from the surface. The last step before applying acrylic is to disinfect and degrease the bathtub.

  4. Acrylic base is mixed with the hardener only when the surface itself is already prepared. The components are mixed in the proportions specified in the manufacturer's instructions for a certain time so that the hardener is well dissolved in the base. The finished mixture is poured into a shallow container, from which the acrylic mixture is poured on the surface of the tub.

  5. Bathtub Reglazing
  6. Apply acrylic, starting from the top, pouring it evenly in a small stream along the entire perimeter. Gradually pour the composition lower and lower, until the layer covers the bottom of the bathtub. In the process, the material levels itself, forming a smooth and even glaze.

Video Tub Resurfacing


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It is advisable to entrust the work with acrylic to a specialist with experience and understanding of the specifics of using the material and the sequence of actions. Only in this case will the result be pleasing to the customer.

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