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The ArmoGlaze bathtub refinishing kit is a novelty and a real breakthrough in the field of materials for the reglazing of bathtubs. In the United States, Armoglaze was able to establish itself as a serious competitor and showcase itself as a product of very high quality.

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ArmoGlaze boasts a high-quality finish, designed to keep your bathroom looking pristine for years to come. Its secret? A unique blend of polymers that results in a strong, durable coating that's immune to mold, mildew, and other forms of damage. Its ease of cleaning and maintenance further cements its status as an ideal choice for bathroom enthusiasts.

If you are looking to give your bathtub a fresh, new look, ArmoGlaze may be the perfect solution. This high-quality refinishing product can restore the shine and luster to your bathtub, making it look brand new again.

One of the most common problems encountered by technicians when working with other types of acrylic is the so-called non-mixing. This is when the hardener has not been well mixed into the resin base.

It is worth saying that this is a rather laborious process, because it is not easy to completely dissolve the liquid solvent in a dense material.

Due to not being well mixed, the acrylic could lie unevenly with yellow spots appearing on the surface, and the coating itself having a short service life.

The developers of Armoglaze managed to completely eliminate this problem by carefully working on the composition of the formula. The polyurethane acrylic of this manufacturer has improved spreadability, which eliminates poor mixability and the appearance of air bubbles and smudges.

The material remains dense and opaque, thus it completely covers the dark areas of the enamel, creating a surface that is uniform in color.

Armoglaze Completed Work

Easy application is one of the best things about ArmoGlaze. You can refinish your bathtub in a few hours if you follow the straightforward directions and don't require any special tools or abilities. The procedure include washing and prepping the tub's surface, covering it with Armoglaze, and letting it dry. ArmoGlaze is appropriate for most bathtubs since it works on a number of surfaces, including porcelain, acrylic, and fiberglass.

ArmoGlaze is not only simple to apply, but it is also incredibly strong and long-lasting. You may enjoy your newly refinished tub for many years to come since it has a hard, glossy coating that resists chipping and scratches. Additionally, the coating is mold and mildew resistant, which is crucial in wet bathroom situations.

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  • Pour-on ArmoGlaze™ method
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
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  • Pour-on ArmoGlaze™ method
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odorless, Near Zero VOC
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  • Pour-on ArmoGlaze™ method
  • Ready for use in 24 hours
  • Odorless, Near Zero VOC
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Caulking Caulking $25
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Spray-On Application Pour-On Application
Durability check 1-3 years check 7-15 years
Speed of service check 2-3 days check Same day
Process completion check 5 hours or more check 3-4 hours
Odorless check no check yes
Drying Time check 2 days check 24 hours
COST Starting at $259 Starting at $259
Main difference

And what about reliability? Also in this area Armoglaze polyurethane acrylic will not let the technician and their clients down. The formula of the material is characterized by unparalleled strength, resistance to impact and strong adhesion to the surface.


ArmoGlaze, an acrylic for the reglazing of bathtubs is a material for professionals. A viable mixture is obtained after mixing the components for just 60 or up to 120 minutes, which ensures the technician works quickly. This requires proven skills and extensive experience, so we recommend contacting professional contractors.

ArmoGlaze vs Ekopel: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to sprucing up your bathtub or shower, you want to select a coating that provides both durability and water resistance. But with so many options available, how do you determine the best choice? Armoglaze and Ekopel are two of the most sought-after coatings, and in this article, we delve into a comprehensive comparison of the two to help you make an informed decision.

  • Durability: A Tale of Two Coatings

    When it comes to withstanding the test of time, both Armoglaze and Ekopel deliver. However, Armoglaze's unique blend of polymers results in a slightly stronger and more durable finish. That being said, Ekopel still holds its own, and is an excellent option for those seeking a long-lasting finish for their bathtub or shower.

  • Water Resistance: A Match Made in Heaven

    Both Armoglaze and Ekopel are highly water-resistant, providing peace of mind that your bathroom will remain in pristine condition despite water exposure.

  • Going Green: Ekopel Takes the Lead

    For the environmentally conscious, Ekopel is the clear winner, being made entirely of eco-friendly materials. Armoglaze, on the other hand, is composed of a blend of polymers that may not be as environmentally friendly.

  • Price: A Similar Story

    In terms of cost, Armoglaze and Ekopel are roughly comparable. Ekopel, however, may be slightly pricier due to the cost of eco-friendly materials. But for those dedicated to being environmentally responsible, the extra cost is worth it.

In conclusion, both Armoglaze and Ekopel offer excellent options for high-quality bathroom coatings. The ultimate decision will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. If durability is a top concern, ArmoGlaze takes the cake. However, for those committed to reducing their carbon footprint, Ekopel is the better choice. Consider all factors before making your final decision.

Bathtub Restoration Video

One of the important characteristics of Armoglaze - is the reduced curing time. The coating dries completely within 24 hours, which makes the reglazing with this material comfortable and almost unnoticed by the residents.

Equally important is the complete absence of any smell whatsoever. Neither during nor after the work is completed, does the room need to be ventilated.

ArmoGlaze has practical advantages in addition to being a sustainable option. You may give your old tub new life using Armoglaze rather of throwing it in the trash. This not only helps you save money but also lessens waste and safeguards the environment.

Before and After

ArmoGlaze is supplied in containers designed for the reglazing of standard bathtubs. Special packaging for individual orders for surfaces of non-standard sizes is also possible.

Overall, ArmoGlaze is a great option for anyone looking to give their bathtub a fresh, new look without breaking the bank. If you're tired of your old, dingy tub, consider giving Armoglaze a try - you'll be amazed at the transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 answer

What is a bathtub refinishing kit?

QuestionA product used to fix and restore a bathtub's surface is a bathtub refinishing kit. The kit normally contains any essential equipment and usage instructions in addition to a particular paint or coating that is applied to the bathtub's surface.

How do I use a bathtub refinishing kit?

ChoiceDepending on the particular product you're using, there may be different instructions for utilizing a bathtub refinishing kit. In general, you must thoroughly clean and dry the bathtub's surface before using the refinishing substance.

Before applying the refinishing coating, you might need to sand or scrape off any loose or damaged material. For the greatest results, closely adhere to the instructions that came with your kit.

Can I use a bathtub refinishing kit on any type of bathtub?

ArmoglazeGenerally speaking, bathtub refinishing kits are made to be applied to acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain bathtubs. For example, cast iron or steel, they might not be appropriate for usage on such materials.

How long does a bathtub refinishing kit last?

How long?The duration of a bathtub refinishing kit will depend on the precise product you are using and how strictly you adhere to the usage directions. While some refinishing kits might last for years, others could only be effective for a few months.

Are bathtub refinishing kits easy to use?

ToolsWhile some bathtub refinishing kits are rather simple to use, others could call for more expertise and training. It could be preferable to engage a specialist to complete the task for you if you are unsure of your abilities to use a refinishing kit.


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