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Shower Refinishing

Shower Pan

Shower pan refinishing/repair is performed by pour-on application method on a pre-prepared surface. Pouring acrylic around the perimeter of the product by the specialist provides it with a uniform coating and the creation of a new layer that completely repeats the features of the shape of the shower base.

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A shower cabin is the best option for saving space in small bathrooms. There are different types of shower cabins with different sizes, configurations, and various functions, but they all have a shower pan in common.

Being the most important and most actively used element of the cabin, the pallet is most susceptible to surface wear and damage. A shower cabin is an expensive product, especially if it has a lot of additional modern functions. Replacing it with a new one will not be so easy and very expensive.

If the shower base has been damaged or lost its original appearance, it can be reglazed to its integrity, uniformity of coating, and shine.

This is possible thanks to liquid acrylic, a material that helps restore and improve the external and operational characteristics of plumbing. Thanks to restoration with this composition tubs, sinks and shower pans can get a second life.

This material is versatile and allows you to fix the damage of various degrees of depth: from small scratches and loss of gloss to serious chipping and even through holes.

The nature and severity of the damage also depends on the specifics of the work, but the main advantage of acrylic is the ability to use it without dismantling the product.

The shower pan can remain in its place during the restoration, which prevents inconveniences for the residents and additional costs.

Shower Base Resurfacing

The cost of refinishing the shower pan using pour-on application method starts from $299. Additional services may also be required, such as abrasive cleaning of the tub, removing the old coating, replacing the siphon, removing chips, color tinting, and self-leveling corner.

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Additional Services

Caulking Caulking $25
Removing sliding doors Removing sliding doors $30
Distance surcharge Distance surcharge (variable)

Composition has strong adhesion, which allows it to bond well and holds securely on any prepared surface. Shower bases made of acrylic, cast iron or artificial stone can be restored by pour-on application method.

Without peeling or cracking, the resurfaced coating can serve for up to 15 years. This is the most durable material, which for the entire time of use looks as if the surface had been recently replaced.

Shower pans, especially the modern ones, are usually products with a complex relief, which significantly complicates the reglazing process when it comes to other methods.

This does not apply to acrylic, which, due to its special texture and consistency, can perfectly envelop the surface with any relief.

Composition is elastic and fluid, but at the same time dense which fills and covers all the irregularities and flaws in the surface of the product, leaving only a perfectly smooth, shiny surface of uniform white color.

Liquid acrylic is a high-quality material and provided that it is used correctly, does not form inflows, air bubbles, and drips, and makes the reglazed shower base indistinguishable in appearance from a new product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 answer

What is shower refinishing?

QuestionReglazing and resurfacing a shower's surface to give it a new look is known as shower refinishing. Sanitizing, repairing any damage, and reglazing the shower's surface with fresh material are typically included.

Why should I consider shower reglazing?

ChoiceConsider shower refinishing for the following reasons:

  • Compared to replacing your shower entirely, it is a more affordable choice.
  • In comparison to replacing a shower, it takes less time.
  • It could be able to make your shower last longer.
  • Without requiring extensive changes, it may give your shower a modern, updated look.

What material is used?

ArmoglazeTo renew the bathtub we use liquid acrylic brand "Armoglaze".
The solidification time of the material is 24 hours.
The process is odorless, i.e. non-toxic.

How long does the reglazing process take?

How long?The entire process of preparing and coating the shower base takes around 3 hours (depending on the complexity of the work it can take up to 4 hours).

The time for the complete drying of the material is about 24 hours. During the work and subsequent hardening of the material, there is no smell.

How long does the reglazed finish last?

ServiceThe reglazed finish should endure for 7 to 15 years with proper maintenance. It's essential to follow the reglazing company's maintenance advice in order to lengthen the finish's lifespan.

How do I care for the refinished shower?

ServiceAvoid using abrasive cleansers or scrubbers on your reglazed shower, and stay away from hanging bulky objects from the shower's walls.

In order to avoid water spots or stains developing on the finish, you should also make an effort to keep the shower as dry as possible after usage.


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They were great, easy to schedule an appointment, did a timely, excellent job. The tub ...
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Great service! Quick and efficient! Looks great!
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Refinishing with liquid acrylic is the fastest method of renovating and repairing shower pans to date. The speed of work and a small drying time, in comparison with other materials, make this method very convenient for apartment residents. Shower pan reglazing is a job for a professional with sufficient experience and impeccable knowledge of technology and materials. We carry out works of any complexity with the highest quality and warranty.

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